Success-fest 2021

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Success-fest 5

February 24th

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Success-fest 2021

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Success-fest 2021

SF5 February’s 2 workshops: 02/24/2021

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workshop 01

I am Driving but I still need an EMERGENCY KIT!!

PPAL & Youth Move

Hear about a Multicultural young adult & parent approach to shifting the transformation to be independent & successful

Joel Khattar-PPAL-Program manager
Dev Kaplan, PPAL- Youth Coordinator
Dawn Christie-PPAL-Project Coordinator for Juvenile Justice

workshop 02

Behind the Smile: Brooke’s Journey to Wellness and Self-Love

Minding Your Mind

Brooke Bridges-Mental Health Advocate, Minding Your Mind

Michelle Drolsbaugh Minding Your Mind New England Director

Workshop 3

Ready, Set, Socialize!

Youth Villages

Shalesha Smith – Educational & Vocational Coordinator

Learn how to make meanignful connections through virtual social clubs

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Success-fest 2021

Success-Fest 5 !!!

Schedule of events

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Success-fest 2021

Virtual Success-Fest 5

  SUCCESS-FEST is back!


We     Appreciated the challenges this year presented 
We     Discovered new ways to maintain our community 
We     Adjusted our ideas and plans 
To     Present you 
SF5’s  Transformation 





v  Starting in January there will be a series of 4 virtual events occurring monthly with a plan to end in May with an in person event at an outside venue TBA.   

v  Each 2 hr event will have an opening presenter, 1 or 2 breakout workshops  and a closing session.

Through this event we aim to:

v  Celebrate the specialness of the Young Adult family.

v  Highlight accomplishments of young adults and parents to inspire ongoing achievements.

v  Motivate our communities to continue supporting the success of young adults.

v  Promote the importance of young adult and parent peer roles.

v  Focus on the essential components to support a successful TRANSFORMATION of young adults and allies.

v  Provide a fun, exciting, and interactive event for everyone

Target Audience:

      Young adults, parents, Parent/Peer Specialists, administrative and/or clinical providers, DMH Site and Area Offices, service providers.


      Workshops will be 60 minutes in duration with time for Q&A.  The theme of each workshop should build off the letters of ADAPT listed above with an overarching theme of helping attendees understand and better prepare for this time of TRANSFORMATION  for young adults.