Success-Fest 4 Save the Date & Call for Workshop Proposals


The Department of Mental Health (DMH) Central Mass Area is seeking applications for workshops for the Area’s fourth annual Young Adult and Allies convention, Resilience on March 22,2019.

This event is a forum for young adults, young adult allies, parents, DMH staff, and community providers to network, share available resources and creative opportunities, and ultimately recognize and celebrate Resilience.

The day will be filled with local experts and community providers to highlight promising practices and innovative ideas, demonstrations and interactive experiences for attendees to use multi-media art and sensory opportunities to build Resilience, opportunities to share and build connections.

Through this event we aim to:

  • Celebrate the specialness of the Young Adult family.
  • Highlight accomplishments of young adults and parents to inspire ongoing achievements.
  • Motivate our communities to continue supporting success for young adults.
  • Promote peer roles of young adults and parents.
  • Emphasize Resilience is an essential component of success for Young Adults and Allies.
  • Provide a fun, exciting, and interactive event for everyone!

The target audience includes young adult, parents of young adults, Parent/ Peer Specialists, administrative and/or clinical providers, DMH Site and Area Offices, service providers.



Six workshops will be selected for three concurrent presentation session. Workshops will be 60 minutes in duration, with time for Q&A. Selections will be based on the project’s content significance to the objectives,

as well as the mix of applications.  Workshop presenters are encouraged to provide handouts related to their project (e.g., handouts of resources, related articles, websites, etc.). The aim of each workshop should relate to helping attendees become resilient and take control of their future by enhancing: Optimism, Emotional Awareness and control, impulse control, empathy and connection, self-efficacy, and flexible thinking.

We are particularly interested in workshops that deliver, but not limited to:

  • Presentations by and with persons served and Peer Specialists.
  • Innovative practices with interactive experiences and hands-on learning experiences.
  • Inspirational and experiential narratives.
  • Events to highlight successes of young adults with the use of multimedia.
  • How to collaborate with parents of young adults to assist and prepare as well as “staff” (i.e. providers).
  • Initiatives that promote awareness, appreciation or understanding of the spirit of transitioning.
  • Initiatives to improve employment and other sustainable measures for young adults.
  • Initiatives to furthering education as well as trade and skill development for young adults.


Application Process:

Please visit to complete and submit your workshop application by January 26, 2019.  

You will be notifiedby February 2, 2019regarding the status of the applications.

Please contact Kerry Roberts at 774-420-3104 if you have any questions.

The History Of Success-Fest




Year 1- Motivating the Movement to Success-Fest!

Location- Mass Bay Community College

Highlight- Resource fair


  • The Parental Role Change,But What About the “T”?”
  • How You Can Support transgender Youth and Young Adults
  • You Have a Voice! Learning to Engage and Lead During the Transition Process
  • YA Driven Social Marketing Outreach with


Year 2- Filling My Toolbox

Location- Quinsigamond Community College

Highlight- Job Fair


  • PPAL/Youth Move – Box Up the Stress!
  • Employment Options Clubhouse Opportunities
  • Pavao Part 1– How the Story Heals the Storyteller
  • Vinfen – Health and Wellness App
  • More Than Words – Work Works
  • Part 2 of Dr. Pavao – Writing Six Word Novels about Yourself
  • Wayside – Transition in the IEP Process


Year 3- Helping Opportunity PreventionEducation (HOPE)

Location- Mount Wachusett Community College

Highlight- Parent with lived experience as the key note speaker


  • The Power of Choice
  • The Inspirational and Evolving World of Young Adult GIFT graduates, Peer Mentors, and Peer Specialists
  • Getting involved in your community!
  • Everyone Needs a Vision Board to Leverage their Strengths!
  • Developing the Conversation around Mental Health in the Classroom
  • Using Community Partnerships to Maximize Resources for Young Adults
  • Get Motivated – Get to Work
  • 13 Reasons to Fly
  • Advocacy, Hope, and Resilience through Professional Communication & Intentional Listening
  • Clubhouses- Success on Your Terms!
  • Eighteen and Beyond


Fun Facts

Year 1 had about 150 people in attendance compared to year 3 which had over 250.

More than half the workshops are run by young adults with lived experience.


Success-Fest 3 was Awesome!!!!!!!

One of three artworks created live at Success-Fest 3 with more then 40 young adults!!

Thank you all so much for attending Success-Fest 3 at Mount Wachusett Community College. We had a great time with more then 250 people. A Big Thank You to the MWCC and you our participants!!!

We will be posting tons of photos and stories from this 3rd installment of our conference for young adults and their families. I hope you all got a lot out of our 12 Awesome workshops.

Now comes the hard part. The task of creating the Success-Fest event is extremely challenging. The only way we can do it is with your help. We are asking anyone who is familiar with our event to take a moment to fill out this brief survey to help us make Success-Fest 4 the best one ever.